Life Training offers supervised contact in our Family Contact Centre.

The Family Contact Centre offers discrete supervision, being, it is located off street, upstairs in our Maryborough Rooms, at 88 Ellena Street, Maryborough.

Life Training Family Contact Centre offers individual rooms with different themes:

* Our lounge allows for board games, cards, reading, and relaxed conversation.  

* Our kitchen provides a refrigerator for parents to store the Children's snacks and meals brought with them, as well as a dining table to eat together at.  

* Our activity room, has comfortable seating with bean bags, children's activity drawing table, doll's houses, train sets and other activities.  

* Our 'indoor' playground provides a small area to play.  

We rotate our toy, book and game resources regularly.  After each two (2) hour session, we change the toys out rotating with a new set, allowing for cleaning and disinfecting, in line with the COVID19 guidelines.  We also utilise the resources of the Maryborough Toy Library, creating variety for the Children every few weeks.

Our Family Contact Centre provides professional staff to supervise the contact between non-custodial Parents and their Children.  Our staff are trained in note-taking, to a standard which allows submission as evidence in court proceedings.  All contact, and notes is overseen by our Forensic Social Worker.

We are child-focussed, ensuring the safety of the Child, managing the supervised contacts allowing for the best experience between the parent and child during the visit.

Our fees include the provision of professional staff to undertake the supervision, and detailed notes made for each contact visit.

The Life Training Family Contact Centre is available by appointment.  Intake assessments and other relevant interviews are conducted with the relevant parties prior to accepting the referral.  The minimum contact time to be booked is two (2) hours.  All bookings must be paid in advance of the visit (minimum 2 days).  We are cashless, so you will be issued an invoice with our bank payment details at the time of booking.  Please allow minimum two (2) days for the bank payment to be processed prior to contact.  If payment is not received by the day of contact, contact will not proceed.

Our availability is Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 5pm.  

Please allow 5 working days prior to the initial contact, due to processing interviews and assessments to be completed prior to commencement.  Bookings are to be made minimum one (1) week in advance, and cancellations/reschedules must be advised minimum 48 hours in advance of the contact visit to be changed.

For more information, please call our office on 0400 337 350, or contact our by email at [email protected]